Amanda Donigi

2016 Fashion Show Improved

Always an impressive turnout, latest fashion and lively atmosphere, makes Stella runway the “must see” show for fashion lovers in the capital city.

Last night, the third Stella runway again became the highlight of all fashion shows in PNG this year.

11 designers let their creativity flow onto the runway as young and vibrant models put life into the outfits.

Growth of Fashion Industry in PNG

“Of course as a business owner, you do want to grow and you do want to improve and expand and I don’t think I really thought that this was going to be as popular as it is.”

The runway was staged on the anniversary of the Stella Magazine, celebrating its second birthday.

The idea behind was to bring to life the magazine, especially when a lot of the magazine content covered fashion and the modelling aspect.

But basically, the runway really was aimed at capturing different ways that people can be creative.

Great Economic Potential in Fashion Industry

“It just goes to say that there’s definitely an interest in this industry and everyone’s trying to create opportunities.

“Definitely, fashion is a billion dollar industry in the world wide and something that we should be tapping into in PNG.

“It provides so many jobs, whether it’s down to people who are making buttons out of coconut shells, there’s so much opportunity in this industry and that’s in modelling, photography, design, clothing, and providing jobs in shops for people who want to work with fashion also.”

She said with the runway: