Great Economic Potential in Fashion Industry

With even more fashion opportunities popping up in the country, Stella Magazine editor Amanda Donigi says this is very good.

“It just goes to say that there’s definitely an interest in this industry and everyone’s trying to create opportunities.

“Definitely, fashion is a billion dollar industry in the world wide and something that we should be tapping into in PNG.

“It provides so many jobs, whether it’s down to people who are making buttons out of coconut shells, there’s so much opportunity in this industry and that’s in modelling, photography, design, clothing, and providing jobs in shops for people who want to work with fashion also.”

She said with the runway:

“We just want to open that industry and I think that is naturally happening with the gender equality that’s happening across the country as well.

“Women are starting to stand up for their rights a bit more, they’re starting to have a stronger voice and this is just a natural progression.”

Amanda reflected back on the success of the runway, especially in empowering and building character.

“Some of the feedback that we get from the models is that we help them to build confidence. “Feedback we get from the designers is that they’re motivated to keep creating each year so they want make new collections that express things that are issues in their lives.

“We want to make sure we’re giving them a high quality platform to showcase the work they’re doing.

“It is really inspiring seeing the designers being proud about what they’ve done and the models grow confident through their training and stepping out onto the runway in front of 300 people.”

Picture source: Stella magazine. 

Gloria Bauai