Alleged police brutality

Man alleges police brutality led to brother’s death

The deceased older brother Damarum Karakawa alleged that late Jacob Tuo, was severely beaten by the police and denied medical care, which led to his death.

Karakawa also alleged that the deceased was denied bail, and after several attempts by his family to have him released, he was allowed to make bail on the 20th of September, 2021. However Tuo collapsed and died on the same day while traveling to his village.

Youth reportedly dead after Madang police assault

During yesterday’s protest at the Madang Four-Mile market, 13 youths were rounded up by police and taken to the station.

One of the parents, Julie Parr, told Loop PNG that her son texted her saying they were brutally beaten up in the cells after they were apprehended at around 2pm on Monday (April 9).

“One of them died from his injuries while only 12 remain in there.”

POM buses on strike, residents affected

According to an eyewitness, the bus driver was assaulted by police officers after he had turned his bus at a wrong corner, causing traffic congestion.

It has been alleged that the driver was brutally beaten up and is now nursing very serious injuries.

This incident has caused at least a majority of PMVs to cease operations.