Man alleges police brutality led to brother’s death

A man from Hambile Village in East Yangoru, East Sepik province has been reported to have died because of alleged police brutality while in their custody for 19 days.

The deceased older brother Damarum Karakawa alleged that late Jacob Tuo, was severely beaten by the police and denied medical care, which led to his death.

Karakawa also alleged that the deceased was denied bail, and after several attempts by his family to have him released, he was allowed to make bail on the 20th of September, 2021. However Tuo collapsed and died on the same day while traveling to his village.

Karakawa said his late brother was taken into custody after police went to Hambile to stop disgruntled youths from destroying a bridge they had been working on.

Late Tuo’s wife Delma said her husband was the sole breadwinner in the family, and has left behind three young children for her to take care of.

Attempts to confirm the incident in Hambile and the related death, with the East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, were unsuccessful.

Majeleen Yanei, UPNG Journalism student