Abortion pills

Online abortion pill seller to be investigated

However the selling and trading of medicines on streets is a threat to public health and remains a challenge for the health sector to overcome.

Free trading and advertising on social media is one of the contributing factors to this illegal practice.

An advertisement posted on social media by a face-book user advertising the sale of abortion pills cheaply was brought to the attention of Health and HIV and AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu by this newsroom.

In response to this, Minister Temu, said this act will destroy the lives of many and deemed it illegal and unethical.

Woman charged over abortion pills

The purchase and use of abortion pills is illegal throughout the UK.

However, there is particular concern about their availability in Northern Ireland.

This is because a termination is only allowed where a woman's life or long-term health is put at serious risk.

There are now warnings that women are putting their health at risk by taking abortion pills bought online.

The drugs cause blood loss and some people are likely to need treatment if they use them.

Irish women 'access abortion pills online'

Data provided by Women on the Web, which offers abortion pills online, showed 5,650 women from both countries accessed the service from 2010 to 2015.

Most already have at least one child and a majority said taking the pills had been the right choice for them.

Laws in both countries ban or restrict access to abortion.

Abortion is legal in both countries if the mother's life it at risk. In Northern Ireland, it may also be permitted to preserve her physical or mental health.