Online abortion pill seller to be investigated

Reforms in the health sector last year renewed hope for many and promised a better health system to look forward to in 2018.

However the selling and trading of medicines on streets is a threat to public health and remains a challenge for the health sector to overcome.

Free trading and advertising on social media is one of the contributing factors to this illegal practice.

An advertisement posted on social media by a face-book user advertising the sale of abortion pills cheaply was brought to the attention of Health and HIV and AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu by this newsroom.

In response to this, Minister Temu, said this act will destroy the lives of many and deemed it illegal and unethical.

He warned the general public that no drugs of any kind are to be sold on the street and urged everyone to refrain from buying medicinal drugs from the streets or from uncertified sellers.

He said trading and purchasing of drugs must be only through legal outlets like pharmacies.

Temu explained under the Cyber crimes act this sales through electronic media can be easily identified and charged immediately.

The Minister added that the health department needs to gather more information and work with police to apprehend the culprit.

Meanwhile, Pastor Joseph Walters condemned this act and said allowing people to trade these pills cheaply will encourage promiscuity amongst young girls and women.

He warned that ignoring this issue will destroy the morality of the country, therefore he is calling on the appropriate authorities to act quickly.

In light of this matter, Pastor Joseph is calling on the Health Department, police and those involved in social media to bring some control and management on how to use social and the type of goods traded and advertised.

Carolyn Ure
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