Cyber crime

Cybercrime suspect arrested

Rickson Apa, 35 of Pureni Hela Province was accused of producing, uploading and circulating multiple videos, audios and text messages containing defamatory comments against the governor multiple times.

The videos went viral on social media prompting the governor to file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Unit in Port Moresby.

Thes members of the Cyber Crimes unit arrested Apa in Gordon on Sunday after carrying out investigations. Apa was charged for his alleged crimes but was later released on a K3000 bail.

Chuave MP refute claims over ‘BSP syndicate’

The alleged statement was circulated on WhatsApp forums and social media streams and contained serious allegations against Mr Nomane and named employees of the Bank of South Pacific Financial Group Limited (“BSPFGL”) of being responsible for orchestrating the “BSP Glitch” and accessing money from Government accounts, amongst others.

The writer of the article is not named.

“I wish to state on record that the allegations, statements, and comments in the article against me are not true.

Online abortion pill seller to be investigated

However the selling and trading of medicines on streets is a threat to public health and remains a challenge for the health sector to overcome.

Free trading and advertising on social media is one of the contributing factors to this illegal practice.

An advertisement posted on social media by a face-book user advertising the sale of abortion pills cheaply was brought to the attention of Health and HIV and AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu by this newsroom.

In response to this, Minister Temu, said this act will destroy the lives of many and deemed it illegal and unethical.

Germany tells parents to destroy microphone in 'illegal' doll

The regulator has recommended that parents immediately stop use of the "illegal" doll and destroy its internal microphone.

The doll -- called My Friend Cayla -- connects to the internet via Bluetooth. The setup allows it to listen and respond to questions like: "What's the tallest animal in the world?" (Answer: Giraffe)

But the German regulator says the doll's design violates privacy rules. They worry that it could be used to snoop on families.

How what you do at home on your computer could land you in jail

Edward Majerczyk will spend nine months in jail for what was widely known as the fappening or celebgate.

Edward hacked several celebrities after tricking them into sharing passwords online.

The crime was committed from the comfort of his home in Chicago, Illinois.

His lawyer told the court that he stole the photos for his own "personal satisfaction and enjoyment" despite the pictures appearing on sites such as Reddit and 4Chan.

He is one of many young people who have found themselves behind bars because of what they've done online.


Europol arrest 5 cyber thieves

Three of the suspects, Andrejs Peregudovs (41), of Latvia, Niklae Penkov (34) of Moldova, and Mihail Colibaba (30) of Romania, were arrested in Taiwan by the Taiwanese Criminal Investigation Bureau last summer, have already been sentenced to 5 years in prison for their role in a massive ATM heist operation, involving 22 individuals from 6 countries.

Dutch hacker who almost broke the internet escapes jail

Sven Olaf Kamphuis, 39, was arrested in April 2013 by Spanish authorities in Barcelona based on a European arrest warrant for launching massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against Spamhaus that peaked at over 300 Gbps.

Spamhaus is a non-profit group based in Geneva and London that tracks spam and cyber-related threats, creates blacklists of those sites and then sells them to Internet Service Providers.

IOC fights cyberattacks during Olympics

"Throughout the games, the same in London (in 2012) when you are the center of attention of the world, there are massive attempts everyday all day long to break our security," IOC spokesman Mark Adams told the Associated Press.

"We have it all year round anyway but it's particularly intense at the moment."

The IOC is coming under "regular attack," he said.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport warned earlier this week of attempts to break into its website. The sports court is overseeing doping sanctions at the Olympics for the first time.

Meet the woman powering the fight against Cybercrime

It hasn’t always been easy in her journey, however: Moskites overcame the impact of receiving some astonishingly poor management treatment at the beginning of her career, turning it into a massive motivation to rise to these senior positions.

Now, as CISO of Venafi, Moskites oversees the development of systems that help organizations learn more about who they can and cannot trust in online environments.