Pruaitch initiated as Namatanai ‘maimai’

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch has been initiated through a customary ritual into the Namatanai society.

The initiation marks the bond and partnership between the people of Namatanai and the Opposition.

Dressed in traditional ‘Maimai’ (chief) attire, Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch was hoisted on a wooden chair along with Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt and other leaders, including the Executive Manager for Newcrest, Craig Jetson. 

Pruaitch said such an initiation was a mark of friendship and partnership with the people of Namatanai and pledged to work with their local MP to bring services to their doorstep.

He stressed that, although they are in the Opposition side, they will continue to fight and deliver to their people.

The National Alliance leader said being in the Opposition was not a mistake but to fulfill what many have described as ‘watchful servant’ learning from the Government to deliver to the people.

The initiation over the weekend coincided with the launch of the Namatanai District WFA Buying Point and the opening of the MiBank in Namatani district.

Freddy Mou