Academic clarifies use of ‘maimai’ title

UPNG Political Science academic *Patrick Kaiku, who is also a New Irelander, says maimai (chief) is a specific leadership title of the people of Tikana or generally, the Kavieng area.

“There are rituals, usually connected to the Malagan ceremonies that are specific to this leadership style of the Tikana clans.

“The Namatanais have their own indigenous names for leadership titles – I believe kabasit is the title. In New Hanover we have the Passingan title, and so on and so forth.”

Pruaitch initiated as Namatanai ‘maimai’

The initiation marks the bond and partnership between the people of Namatanai and the Opposition.

Dressed in traditional ‘Maimai’ (chief) attire, Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch was hoisted on a wooden chair along with Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt and other leaders, including the Executive Manager for Newcrest, Craig Jetson. 

Pruaitch said such an initiation was a mark of friendship and partnership with the people of Namatanai and pledged to work with their local MP to bring services to their doorstep.