Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch

Pruaitch reference given nod for hearing

The Opposition leader’s reference went before the Supreme Court today where a number of issues were attended to.

Among them, the issue of Patrick Pruaitch’s standing as Opposition leader in bringing his questions before the Supreme Court to interpret.

Another was the joinder applications by the Speaker and Acting Clerk of parliament.

Sandaun Governor moves to Opposition

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch, when welcoming Governor Wouwou, extended their invitation to other MPs in the Government to join them and change the current government.

He said the Prime Minister's post is on the table and invited other parties to form the government.

Pruaitch also made mention of other cabinet ministers who resigned recently from the PNC party.

Last week saw the resignation of Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, SHP Governor William Powi, Hela Governor Philip Undialu, Jiwaka Governor William Tongamp and Komo Margarima MP Manasseh Makiba.

Opposition accuses Govt of misuse

He claimed that Opposition Members have not been getting their full K10 million DSIP and PSIP funds because the Government has used the funds elsewhere.

Speaking during the launch of the Namatanai District WFA Vegetable Buying Point recently, Pruaitch expressed his disappointment at the Government for not giving full K10 million DSIP to the Opposition MPs. 

However, he said that will not stop them from delivering basic services to the people. 

Pruaitch initiated as Namatanai ‘maimai’

The initiation marks the bond and partnership between the people of Namatanai and the Opposition.

Dressed in traditional ‘Maimai’ (chief) attire, Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch was hoisted on a wooden chair along with Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt and other leaders, including the Executive Manager for Newcrest, Craig Jetson. 

Pruaitch said such an initiation was a mark of friendship and partnership with the people of Namatanai and pledged to work with their local MP to bring services to their doorstep.

Law and order issues worry Opposition

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said it has been confirmed by the Central Bank’s December quarterly report that more than one in 10 people employed in the formal sector lost their jobs last year in the National Capital District.

Pruaitch released a statement saying in spite of the hundreds of millions of Kina spent by the National and NCD governments on roads and building projects in Port Moresby, employment in the national capital has fallen to its lowest levels in eight years.

Deputy PM condemns Opposition’s statements

Abel made these remarks in response to the Opposition Leader’s statements calling for an explanation from the Government regarding the cash flow issues.

Responding to Pruaitch’s statements, Abel condemned his comments saying most of what the Government is implementing today was dictated by Pruaitch when he was the then Treasurer.

Opposition calls for SOE in SHP, Hela

Pruaitch said the National Executive Council meeting today at 2pm should consider an SOE in both provinces so remedial work can be immediately undertaken, major highways made safe for travel and essential services restored as quickly as possible.

The Opposition has also commended Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for the Government’s quick response to the disastrous earthquake that has severely impacted the oil and gas producing provinces.