Police boss clarifies reservists’ role

​The NCD urban safety operations staff, who are wearing police issued uniforms, are police reservists.

The clarification, from the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, follows concerns raised by the public on a number of illegal operations, allegedly by these officers.

Turi explained that these personnel operating under the urban safety logo are recognised reservists who are helping ensure the smooth running of the city.

The police boss was queried on some of their notorious activities, like an incident that occurred early last month where urban safety officers, in police uniforms, allegedly raided vendors at a hospital bus stop and assaulted a young man.

While these actions were questionable, Turi pointed out that they are under directives from the NCD Urban Safety and are also doing their best in helping out with policing in the city.

He said their actions, although a bit rash at times, do not warrant public criticism.

Most times these men act accordingly however, their actions may be exaggerated by the public.

Turi is also calling out to residents to recognise that these officers are the manpower needed by the police hierarchy.

Imelda Wavik