Manus police arrest refugee over property damage

A refugee from Iran was arrested and charged for damaging property and using abusive language towards a local Manus woman.

PPC Manus chief inspector David Yapu said the refugee, named Ali Reza Razmi Zirakan, aged 41, was drunk and insulted the victim and damaged their property.

The incident occurred on Saturday night (April 21) at Katen Tingou upper ward 5, Lorengau town.

The victim was offended by such abusive words referring to her private parts and reported the matter to Police, which resulted in Zirakan’s arrest.

PPC Yapu once again warned the refugees who are married to local women and living with them in the community to respect the community and abide with the laws of PNG.

“They should not be abusing them, otherwise they will face the full force of the law. No one is above the law,” said Yapu.

In another incident, a remandee at CS Lorengau awaiting National Court for armed robbery escaped from CS on April 11.

“Upon his return to CS on the same day, he was under the influence of alcohol and used a spanner and damaged the windscreen and glasses of the hired CS government vehicle (Toyota LandCruiser),” stated the PPC.

PPC Yapu said the CS commander and CS duty guards intervened and fired a warning a shot, where he escaped into darkness.

Yapu warned the prisoner, Kelly Kuwoh, to surrender immediately to Police or CS, otherwise Police will go out in full force to arrest him.

Yapu said this is a serious matter where a State property was extensively damaged by a prisoner and would cost CS a lot of money for repair work.

Prisoners being drunk in prison compound is another concern by PPC Yapu and he requested an internal investigation by CS higher authorities.

Yapu said at one time a prisoner was drunk and was causing nuisance in the CS compound and brought to police cells and locked up.

“He continued to misbehave and acted disorderly, causing disturbance in police cells,” Yapu stated.

“I personally went to the cells with my duty policemen to investigate the noise and the prisoner swore and threatened me.

“I did not want to react with my officers because he was fully drunk and also to avoid police brutality and abuse of human rights. This is a classic example of prisoners being drunk in prison compound.”

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