Governor Chan welcomes AROB president

The Governor of New Ireland, Sir Julius Chan, extended a warm and official welcome to the President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB), Ishmael Toroama, who arrived in Kavieng on Sunday July 24th.

President Toroama was accompanied by his wife Lady Betty Toroama and the AROB delegation.

The visiting delegation was met with a gracious reception not only from Governor Chan but also from the traditional Maimais of New Ireland, who bestowed upon them a customary chiefly welcome, signifying the importance of the occasion.

The purpose of President Toroama and his delegation's visit to New Ireland is to participate in celebrating New Ireland Day, an annual event scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th to Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

The Provincial Executive Council passed a momentous decision, declaring the 27th of July as New Ireland Day, designating it as a public holiday to be observed every year.

New Ireland Day holds significant historical importance as it commemorates the inaugural convening of the New Ireland Provincial Assembly in 1977, which coincided with the province receiving its Provincial Government Charter.

The celebrations are anticipated to be vibrant and meaningful, as it marks not only a pivotal moment in New Ireland's history but also strengthens the ties between New Ireland and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

The visit of President Toroama and his delegation serves as an opportunity to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the two regions.

Throughout the course of New Ireland Day, various commemorative events, cultural displays, and interactive programs are scheduled, reflecting the province's rich heritage, diverse traditions, and collective pride.

The festivities of New Ireland Day are expected to leave a lasting impact on both the visiting delegation and the people of New Ireland, further reinforcing the spirit of unity and cooperation that underlines the celebration.

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