Ishmael Toroama

President underlines approach to political future

Speaking at the recent Poka Youth Summit in the Tonsu Constituency, he stressed on the need to socially, economically and politically revitalise Bougainville.

President Toroama says this approach is not isolated to the functions of the government but must also include social responsibility by the people.

JSB meeting set for Buka

The announcement follows a successful meeting between the leaders in Port Moresby over the weekend.

Key issues that will be brought forth to this JSB meeting include post-referendum matters which cover the progress of establishing the Permanent Secretariat to support the Joint Government Consultations, the appointment of a moderator and the Ratification agenda.

President clarifies past business dealings

Following an article in an Australian news site that pinpointed the president as a major shareholder, President Toroama clarified that his past business dealings were done as a private citizen.

“Bougainville Sustainable Timber Resources Limited was set up with the intent to bring in foreign investors to Bougainville to be involved in sustainable logging as well as alluvial gold projects,” he said in response to The Australian article.

ABG president notes steady progress

In a recent update, he outlined that the fourth House of Representatives is on track.

“During my campaign, I outlined three basic platforms that form the basis of my Presidency; these are independence, economic revitalisation and ending corruption and improving law and order,” Toroama stated.

“These platforms appealed to the average Bougainvillean because the people demanded a change from the previous political regime and so they opted for one that could provide decisive and pragmatic leadership.  

Everyday People PNG: Ishmael Toroama

One of the comics I read was about British Special Forces who said of a commander who had rescued high-ranking officials: “If only we have such people like him, we will win the war”.

This stirred me up and became a driving force in me.
I was working when the Crisis erupted, so I went and joined Francis Ona. In the early days, after two years, I was the main man behind Ona. I was one of his bodyguards; that was when we were fighting with the security forces. When they move in one direction, we move Ona the other way.

New president calls for unity

Bougainville’s new President, Ishmael Toroama, is calling for unity.

Toroama, a former combatant and peace advocate, was declared president-elect on September 23rd after the 23rd elimination.

The former commander of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army is a signatory to the Bougainville Peace Agreement and a driving force behind the weapons disposal pillar under the agreement.

Bougainville's Toroama sworn in as President

It formally ends the 10 year long tenure of John Momis.

Toroama will now head a small caretaker team until all the MPs elected in the August election within the automous region in PNG, are also sworn in, late next week.

Once a freedom fighter with the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, Toroama is seen by many as the ideal person to complete the region's quest for independence.

Australian peace activist Vikki John, for one, was delighted with his victory.

Bougainville’s caretaker government

President Ishmael Toroama, Vice President Patrick Nisira and Women’s representative for South Bougainville, Therese Kaetavara, will take care of government for a period of two weeks.

The House of Representatives chamber was filled with members-elect and key development partners who witnessed the MPs’ declarations of loyalty to Bougainville, to PNG and to the office they hold.

After the ceremony, President Toroama announced his caretaker government in accordance with Section 82 of the Bougainville Constitution.

Toroama new ABG President

In a statement, Marape said he is looking forward to working with President-elect Toroama in progressing consultations on the outcome of the recent referendum and securing long-term economic development and a lasting peace for the people of Bougainville.  

He will be meeting with President-elect Toroama in the coming weeks to discuss next steps with a view to convening a meeting of the Joint Supervisory Body to affirm our mutual commitment to peace and the way forward.