NCDC aims to create healthy city

The Active City Development Program is celebrating International Day of Yoga through a five-day Yoga and Wellness Fest to improve health and wellness.

The program under the National Capital District Commission will run from June the 17th – 21st and will have a hub of activities, classes, promotions, talks, and performances. It will unite individuals, organizations and promote holistic well-being.

On Sunday 18th, the highlight was the Mass Yoga Session that was conducted by the Founder and Director of Active City Program, Fazilah Bazari, who hosted the event from 6am-8am at Ela Beach. It showcased the inclusivity and positive impact of yoga on individuals from all walks of life.

The event is in collaboration with the Indian High Commission, witnessed the participation of over 200 Port Moresby residents, including expatriates.

"As the Governor of the National Capital District Commission, I am committed to creating a safe, healthy, clean, and planned city that is livable for all residents. Through our Active City Development Program (ACDP), we strive to promote physical activity, creative movement, and holistic well-being among our community members,” said NCD Governor, Powes Parkop.

His Excellency, Shri Inbasekar Sundaramurthi said, "Yoga is a path to unite the mind and body, originating from India. All are welcome to practice the essence of yoga for the goodness of all.

"This is the power of yoga. When I first started, everyone asked what is yoga? Today they have experienced the change and the health benefits and realize that yoga can be practiced by anyone at anytime, anywhere. The unity, harmony, and balance yoga brings can be felt almost immediately, as soon as we begin the practice. Yoga is beneficial for stress management and helps keep the body and mind healthy,” said Bazari.

This festival aligns with NCDC's mission of creating a safe, healthy, clean, and planned city that is liveable for all residents, promoting health, well-being, and inner harmony through the practice of yoga.