NCDC aims to create healthy city

The program under the National Capital District Commission will run from June the 17th – 21st and will have a hub of activities, classes, promotions, talks, and performances. It will unite individuals, organizations and promote holistic well-being.

On Sunday 18th, the highlight was the Mass Yoga Session that was conducted by the Founder and Director of Active City Program, Fazilah Bazari, who hosted the event from 6am-8am at Ela Beach. It showcased the inclusivity and positive impact of yoga on individuals from all walks of life.

53 youths get certificated in yoga

The Youth of Change Yoga Teacher Training is part of NCDC’s Active City Development Program behaviour change campaign targeted at young people.

Most of the graduands come from broken families, are unemployed, former inmates, bag snatchers, school dropouts and drug addicts.

The teacher training advocates moral values on non-violence, truthfulness, contentment, and dedication to God for the highest good of all. 

Speaking at the graduation, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the program intends to enhance the quality of life to live in a value driven mindset.

Madang MP calls for probe into yoga contract

However, today the question of the matter was directed to Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori.

The Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, was adamant to get to the bottom of it, and raised the issue again, this time asking the Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry, whether he was aware of such a company with an alleged irregularity in its IPA certificate.

“Can the Minister clarify the operations of such companies as they (may) have broken many IPA laws.”

Controversial K3m deal goes to Parliament

The company was registered in 2015 and was operating in the nation’s capital.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer asked the Minister for Finance, James Marape, to explain and clarify whether the awarding of the contract was legal and according to Section 25 (2) of the IPA Act.

It was a fight among giants as senior politicians tried to prevent first time politician, Bryan Kramer, from talking.

Lands Minister and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko told Kramer that his question was out of order even though Kramer was yet to ask it.

Parkop hits back at Kramer

Kramer recently gave the National Capital District Governor 14 days to come clear with a thorough report on the expenditure of the unpopular K3 million per annum yoga contract.

Parkop said Kramer is becoming like a judge, jury and prosecutor making assertions without evidence.

The Governor told this newsroom that Kramer had been releasing statements without evidence and not caring to find the truth.

Parkop, when asked about the issue, said he doesn’t have to reply to such people.

Kramer queries yoga contract

It had been established in earlier reports that the payment is legally acquitted for by Governor Powes Parkop.

In a press conference recently, Kramer stated that under the public management act, the said contract was supposed to go through some kind of procedure before being awarded to a candidate.

Different approach to Yoga in PNG

But PNG has a different approach - which is to use yoga for its intended purpose to bring peace and unity.

The growing movement of community yoga especially in Port Moresby is seen as a free handout by yogis around the world.

But have acknowledged how well, this free yoga sessions has proven effective in transforming one yogi at a time.

The program is called Yoga Unite.

From prison courtyards to community halls, personal backyards to public fields, yoga has been making wonders.

VIDEO: International Day of Yoga

In 2015, United Nations commemorated June 21 as the International Day of Yoga.

This is to raise awareness on the many benefits of practicing yoga.
PNG has recognised this day for the last two years and will do so again this Sunday. 
But there's a reason why this year's International Day of Yoga celebration will stand out.


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