Parkop commends residents for peaceful campaigning

Residents in the National Capital District have been commended for a peaceful eight weeks of campaign period that ended on June 23.

Sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, said it was a long, challenging and tiring campaign for the candidates and the people have done well in keeping it relatively peaceful.

Parkop thanked all residents for the successful campaign period and said it showed a sign of progress and being more civil during the elections.

“I’m very confident that the election will continue to be peaceful in the nation’s capital.

“We may continue to experience challenges in the city, especially to do with issues like the updated electoral roll, but I’m sure that peace will continue during polling and counting,” Parkop said.

Parkop added that he is very confident that the mandate of the people on polling day on Tuesday will endorse him for another term and he trusts the people to make the right decision and judgement.

Quintina Naime