Madang Regional Seat Nears Declaration

The counting for Madang provincial seat is nearing completion with declarations soon to be made.

This newsroom was informed that the 33rd elimination is in progress after former governor, Jim Kas was eliminated on exclusion 32.  

It is yet to be confirmed the figures collected by each candidate after exclusion 32. After exclusion 31 People`s First Party candidate, Ramsey Pariwa still maintains lead with 34, 331 votes difference from the candidate running second.

The incumbent governor, Peter Yama is on fourth place.

After exclusion 31 the top five candidates were as follows.

  1. Ramsey Pariwa (PFP)               88, 211
  2. Jerry Singirok (PANGU)           53,880
  3. Benny Panti   (AP)                    33,567
  4. Peter Yama  (PLP)                    33,405
  5. Steven Asivo (IND)                  29,986

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the counting is progressing well.

He said there had been minor incidents reported about people trying to disturb the counting but security personnel are monitoring the counting location to make sure there is no trouble.

Sylvester Wemuru