Singirok condemns PNGDF Navy officers’ actions

Retired Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Jerry Singirok has called on the PNGDF hierarchy to investigate the incident that happened to a prominent business man in Madang on Saturday night.

Singirok described the actions by the PNGDF Navy officers as shameful and coward in nature.

The prominent businessman Sai Bodo and his family were assaulted by the soldiers on their way home on Saturday night.

He said the brutal assault on a long time resident of Madang by men in white uniform brings more light to the inner rot and indiscipline in the ranks of the PNGDF.

“As if the sex assault incident by a sailor last week was not enough in Honiara, the men in white painted the streets of Madang red with their brutal attack on an advocator of peace and unity in Madang and PNG.”

Singirok called on the Chief of Staff and the Commander PNGDF to take immediate action against the Ship’s Captain and grounded the Ship and detain the sailors.

He called on them to get a joint police and PNGDF team and investigate and send the rogue Navy soldiers to Bomana.

“Civil society is fed up with junkies and ‘wannabies’ who have no appreciation of what it takes to be in Navy blues and white. 

“Shame on them gutless and cowards.

“It's a higher call when you wear the PNGDF uniform at least by some of us in the past and present,” Singarok said.


Picture: File picture of Jerry Singirok

Freddy Mou