Jerry Singirok

Court refuse Madang Governor’s leave application

The leave applications were to review an earlier national court decision that dismissed Pariwa’s application for objection of competency against petitioners Peter Yama and Jerry Singirok.

The outcome now stands that a full trial into the election petition case between Jerry Singirok and Ramsey Pariwa will commence on a date yet to be set by the court.

Singirok slip rule application dismissed

In handing down his decision on Wednesday 3rd of June, Justice David Cannings said there was no slip rule in the judge’s decision on the 6th of August, 2020.

He added that all the grounds that Jerry Singirok relied on were already argued and that the applicant was trying to reargue those grounds, which is not allowed under the test applicable for the grant of leave in slip rule applications.

A relieved Madang Governor said he was happy with the decision and has called on Singirok to take it to the polls come 2022.

Will SHP be the next Bougainville?

He said what has transpired over the last few days has all the elements of how the uprising in Bougainville started.

Singirok warns the Government to tread with care.

The former Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, who was at the forefront of the Bougainville Crisis as an infantry soldier in 1989 and eventually becoming the PNG Commander in 1995, said before we confront the people, there has to be a lot of dialogue.

He said there has to be common sense so that the situation is not escalated.

Baki responds to Singirok regarding American firm

This comes after comments made on ABC News by former PNG Defence Force head, Jerry Singirok.

Singirok reportedly said the Police Commissioner doesn't have the authority to engage foreign nationals without parliamentary approval, or that of the National Executive Council.

“Jerry Singirok has no right to talk about the Police Force Act because he is not a police officer and he is not the defence force commander or even the police commissioner,” Baki said.

Singirok condemns PNGDF Navy officers’ actions

Singirok described the actions by the PNGDF Navy officers as shameful and coward in nature.

The prominent businessman Sai Bodo and his family were assaulted by the soldiers on their way home on Saturday night.

He said the brutal assault on a long time resident of Madang by men in white uniform brings more light to the inner rot and indiscipline in the ranks of the PNGDF.

Singirok warns about national security policy

Speaking at his appointment as the security advisor for Pangu Pati in Port Moresby recently, Singirok said Papua New Guineans have been marginalised and become spectators on their own land because of no national security policy.

He said national security is an area that is least known and comprehended by politicians and bureaucrats.

Singirok reiterated that national security encompasses everything about a nation and protecting national interest. However, this national interest is lacking in the country.

Singirok and Kramer join Pangu

Joining the advisors team in the party this afternoon were retired commander of PNGDF Jerry Singirok and renowned political analyst Brian Kramer.

Singirok has been appointed as political advisor on national security and Kramer has been appointed as chief political strategist.

Party leader Sam Basil when welcoming the two advisors said their involvement and contribution to the party will really bring change to the party and the people as a whole.