Polye concerned over lack of police presence along highway

The lack of police presence along the new Port Moresby to Southern Highlands Highway means deprivation of policing services which the people are entitled to, Opposition Leader Don Polye said.

Polye expressed concerns over the absence and run-down police station at Malalaua in Gulf Province. This was after his surprise visit to the station on Wednesday, accompanied by Kikori MP Mark Maipakai.

“The lack of police presence and logistical support to those police officers on the ground in the district is worrying. Development is only taking place in Port Moresby and other major centres while places like Malalaua are in dire straits.

“Police must regularly patrol the Southern Highlands to Port Moresby road link via Gulf to avoid road blocks and hold-ups. Police presence at this part of the road corridor is very paramount,” he said.

He queried what the rush was when these issues would have been solved before opening the new highway for usage.

He told a handful who gathered to get a glimpse of him that the Opposition did not have the luxury of funds to dish out to the needy.

Polye, however, indicated that he would write to donor agencies for logistical support for police in the province.

He urged the station commander to draft a proposal to the office of the Leader of Opposition.

A senior constable, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they were not able to move around to perform their duties due to lack of logistics, admitting there is no police presence in the station.    

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