Opposition to take legal action against dismissal of Vote

The Opposition will take legal action against the dismissal of the vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill today in Parliament.

It has clearly outlined three specific order which it wants to court to deliberate on.

The vote of no-confidence was dismissed by the acting Speaker and chairman of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Private Business, Aide Ganasi.

Ganasi in his statement told Parliament that the motion lacked the number of signatures under section 145 of the Constitution.

Opposition Leader Don Polye, when addressing the media, said their next step is to file an application to the Supreme Court to seek the court to give the following orders:

-To get the Parliament to reconvene to have the motion of no-confidence addressed.

-To make a decision that the motion of vote of no-confidence  before the committee is valid under the various constitution sections, and is being given through the known process within the requirements of the Standing Orders of Parliament.

-The Committee will not be allowed to deliberate on it because they’ve abused their functions and power and therefore the matter is directly registered as an agenda that must be addressed.

Polye said they’ll file every document including the court orders for Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah, the signatures, the motion of  vote of no-confidence and the signed letters confirming the signatures that have been signed on the motion.

The Committee established that Namah, who is one of the signatories, is currently suspended and could not take part in the motion.

“All of these documents will be presented to the court of law and we will be depending on the court system to deliver a judgement.

“We will not stop because we know justice is very valuable, we know human rights is very important and we will continue to fight and stand up for the people.

“We will be seeking legal advice from our lawyers making sure that the matter doesn’t rest there,” said Polye.

Quintina Naime