Kimbe police compromising jobs: Muthuvel claims

​Some police officers in Kimbe have been compromising their jobs it is claimed by getting involved with Asians doing business in the province, Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has revealed.

Muthuvel told Loop PNG in an exclusive interview  claiming that some police officers  in Kimbe had connections with Asians doing business in Kimbe and it was very hard to report any wrong doings from the Asians.

He said it is a concern from long term operating local retail businesses that whether or not Asian businesses are properly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority, Internal Revenue Commission and whether they have proper work permits, visas and whether all of them have proper bank accounts need investigation by the authorities.

However, he said his main concern is whether these Asians have followed proper procedures to do business in the province.

Muthuvel claimed that the Asians doing business in Kimbe do not have all those requirements.

“Legally, as a governor, I cannot go and ask a foreigner about his work permits and visas because I don’t have legal powers,” says Muthuvel.

He said police had the powers to check these issues but to exercise these powers was a different matter.

He therefore suggested that police from other centres should come into the province and conduct investigation as some police officers in Kimbe could no longer be trusted.

"While I appreciate some sincere police personnel, some police have close connection with Chinese businesses"

"Police from other centres along with Immigration , labour inspectors and customs agents must involve while conducting inspections into those Asian-owned businesses,

Muthuvel said he has advised the Provincial Administrator to instruct Kimbe Urban LLG and Talasea LLG managers not to give 2016 Trading licenses without screening all the official work permits and other necessary documents to news traders.

Freddy Mou