Intoxicated man allegedly starts fight with vendors

A man was arrested after he allegedly tried to start a fight with car washers along the Sabama/Kilakila area today in Port Moresby.

Police said the 23-year-old Kerema man, from Gulf Province, was under the heavy influence of homebrew at the time of the incident, at around 11am.

A police unit en route from Badili to Boroko intercepted him after vendors at the car wash area alerted them.

Police said the man also had in his possession 1kg of marijuana at the time of his detainment.

In another incident, a woman was arrested for assaulting her cousin sister after a heated family argument this morning.

The 23-year-old Tari woman bashed up her 29-year-old cousin after they fought over outstanding compensation claims.

The woman is also in police custody. 

Julianna Waeda