​One dead in Hit and Run Accident

Police are investigating a fatal hit and run accident this morning at 9 mile just near the new block at the VITIS Industries area in Port Moresby.

The male victim, believed to be from Tabubil, Western Province was tragically hit by a route 16 PMV bus when he was crossing the road to the nearby bus stop opposite where he lives.

According to an eye witness Ato Hengepe, the man looked as if he had a knee problem and was struggling to cross the road quickly when he met his fate.

Hengepe said, the victim crossed the road half way through when the bus fully loaded with passengers sped down the slope from Bomana turnoff. The victim panicked  and as he tried to brace himself and move quickly across, he couldn’t make it as the bus hit him and dragged him about 10meters away through the middle of the road.

The man died instantly when his skull burst open and his brain spilled on the road as he laid dead in his own pool of blood while the bus sped off without stopping.

Minutes later a police vehicle coincidentally arrived at the scene and was alerted. The police vehicle gave chase to the PMV bus and caught up with it and arrested the driver.

The victim’s body was later transported to the hospital after police collected the fragments of his skull on the pitch.


Lamech Jinimbo