Humbling medevac experience

Angela Gul, an intensive care nurse was part of the medevac on June 24 that went to Seltamin village, about 30 minutes by chopper from Tabubil, to rescue young Moses Stanley who had been suffering from diarrhoea and fever for a month.

When the medevac team arrived at the village, the boy was very pale and dehydrated and was lying in his mother’s arm. Young Moses was also a septicaemia patient which added to his deteriorating condition.

Gul was able to stabilise the boy with saline fluids while in the chopper returning to Tabubil.

Police upgrade investigative skills

Tabubil-based Senior Detective Constable Ruso Hate said the ‘Strengthening family sexual violence investigations and prosecution workshop’ had given him the knowledge to lay appropriate charges for different types of sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault and sexual penetration.

Detective Hate, who works in Tabubil’s Criminal Investigation Division, said it was frustrating and concerning to see charges against alleged sexual offenders thrown out of court because of technical errors in the charging process.

International Youth Day games

The indoor stadium came alive on Sunday with over 150 youths from churches within Tabubil competing in volleyball games organised by the Western Flalok Netball Club and supported by Tawap Kamen Investment (TKI) Limited.

TKI, a partly owned company by shareholders from the local area, has been a very good supporter of the Flalok Netball Club’s community organised events.   

The volleyball games were arranged purposely for the youths to participate to celebrate the United Nations International Youth Day, which falls on August 12.

Drivers warned

This follows a recent fatal accident at Kilometer 119 along the highway.

The accident last week, claimed the life of a senior policeman while leaving an auxiliary policeman in a critical yet stable condition.

The third passenger in the car was left unharmed.

The North Fly police commander, Joe Puri says that investigations are continuing into the accident and further called on drivers to exercise caution while driving the road during this wet season.

“Drive safe to ensure that you stay alive,” warns the Commander.


Tabubil town lights up

Organised by Ok Tedi Mining Limited, the display included Christmas lights lacing the walkway of the town centre as well as the OTML headquarters.

A seven metre Christmas tree was the centerpiece while the main highlight was the arrival of Santa Claus on a fire truck, greeting excited children and parents before giving out presents.

Several choir groups sang Christmas carols, including the Tabubil Catholic Church children, the AOG Church Choir, the East New Britain Choir Group and the Starmart Supermarket Choir.

Tkatchenko calls on FIFA to intervene

Justin Tkatchenko said PNGFA president David Chung and John Kapi Natto both have a heart for soccer but unfortunately, they cannot work together and are making the sport fail, affecting players and clubs.

Tkatchenko said the best solution is for FIFA to intervene and say enough is enough.

“FIFA must be concerned with what’s happening in PNG as we are now having two different, separate identities running football,” said the Minister.

“How can sponsors come on board and how can the sport keep moving forward when you got two different groups running the same thing.

Telefomin will be connected to Tabubil: PM

Telefomin District in West Sepik Province is accessible only by air.  

O’Neill was responding to questions from Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim in Parliament on Tuesday.  

He said cabinet on Monday approved funding for this particular project and also other national highways.

“A statement will be released in Parliament by me or Works Minister,” O’Neill said.  

The Prime Minister also said the cabinet had approved an increase in infrastructure tax credit scheme, from 1.75 to 2 percent, to support road constructions.

​One dead in Hit and Run Accident

The male victim, believed to be from Tabubil, Western Province was tragically hit by a route 16 PMV bus when he was crossing the road to the nearby bus stop opposite where he lives.

According to an eye witness Ato Hengepe, the man looked as if he had a knee problem and was struggling to cross the road quickly when he met his fate.

Buying basic necessities daily is now controlled in Tabubil

A concerned public servant in Tabubil who declined to be named told Loop PNG that the “situation is getting worse as no government assistance is reaching Tabubil” the home of the giant Ok Tedi mine.   

“Fuel is a problem, we are facing fuel crisis.”

The source added that vehicles in a day wanting to refill are allowed to only buy K30.

Also buying of food in three major supermarkets is the same, customers are only allowed to buy one packet of store food each in a day.

Food relief supplies for drought stricken Tabubil

The company supplied up to one hundred and fifty thousand kina (K150, 000) worth of non perishable food items to the area to assist the ten landowner villages surrounding the mine.

The current El Nino weather which forced the temporary closure of the Ok Tedi Mine is taking a toll on the people in the area with vital food supplies usually brought into the area by ships, unable to reach the people due to the low water level at the Fly River.