Locals offer discount on boat fare

A boat owner with  75 horse-power engine, Elizabeth Posa said all operators agreed to charge K80 per person, rather than the usual K100.

The Morobeans have not taken advantage of the situation to charge more.

This morning her boat (pictured) ferried 17 passengers in the first run. They are members of the Madang and Goroka districts.

"I am standing here organising the delegates to get on my boat, so when the operator returns he will make two more runs before the end of the day," said Posa.

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Policeman charged with sexual penetration of a child

A Port Moresby based policeman has been charged with sexual penetration of a minor.

Company supports primary industry

MPG vehicle involved in Lae death

The incident involved a Morobe Provincial Government vehicle and happened in the early hours of last night.

The driver, an employee of the MPG allegedly died instantly while a female companion is in critical condition.

The double-cab Hilux hit a rain tree, along the road between the Salamanda estate and Lae Golf course, causing the vehicle to rollover.

On impact, the vehicle was badly damaged with the trailer torn apart.


On the road on Boxing Day

Barbara and Delvin Kalenda have taken their four kids on a road trip for the first time on the Highlands Highway to spend the weekend in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

The family however was disappointed when they were forced to turn around after driving for four hours due to a road block at Kompri near Kainantu caused by a fight in the area.

The family, from Manus and Central Province, decided to take a turn onto the highway to Madang Province.

Christmas in Lae quiet

The message was similar at churches. Jesus was the ultimate gift from God to save mankind. At Holy Spirit Parish, a Christmas vigil mess was held last night.

Parish Priest, Father Apol reminded parishioners that we are the reason for Christ’s birth, as he died later.

Meanwhile, most shops throughout the city welcomed eager shoppers for last minute shopping for Christmas gifts and food.

Lae records fatal road accident

Lae Metropolitan police commander Anthony Wagambie says traffic police would be in to brief him soon, adding that most of them have been working the night shift  and needed to regroup.

He confirmed that there was one death as a result of the crash.

Wagambie also did not say  whether it was an  alcohol-related accident or not.

The pictures were posted online this morning on the Morobe Development Forum by forum user M Stevens Reoghberths.

More to come.


Family satisfied with sentencing

Baria 45, who held a rank of First Constable with Lae Police was charged with wilful murder and today sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Pisimi says although the family is satisfied that justice was served, it will not bring back his wife, and the mother of his children.

The families say they hope Baria’s sentencing sends a strong message to policemen and women that no one is above the law.

“There are many good hard working policemen and women but we always have those who are trigger happy and their actions make everyone look bad,” says Pisimi.


France businesses to visit PNG

Business France which facilitate for French companies who want to invest off shore.

The companies will cover different sectors of the market from mining, agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, etc.         

Business France in a notice stated that, “it has a network of 1,500 professionals in 70 countries facilitating the international development of French companies to foreign markets.

“In November 2015, Business France is leading a delegation of French companies to Papua-New-Guinea for the first time ever.

Bulolo and Wau sending more fresh food to Lae

The Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) is behind a number of village-based programs on fresh produce development in the district with the intention to raise small to medium entrepreneurs.   

Much of FPDA’s partnerships and field activities have been showcased during the Morobe Show this weekend.

One of their effective programs has been the Village Extension Workers, which involves farmers taking the lead in fresh produce production. FPDA is also pushing the marketing side of things through value chain players.

Momase junior golf clinic a hit

Bolton conducted the training clinics in Lae, Ramu and Madang recently with the support of the BSP Junior Golf Development Program.

He was pleased with the outcome and attributed the success to the golfers’ commitment in participation and training.

“The kids are keen to learn and are spending time with trainers, resulting in positive outcomes,” he said.

He also believes there is potential and is optimistic that elite golfers will come out of the Momase region.