John Rosso

Land summit resolutions endorsed by Govt

The national land reform program phase II was launched in Port Moresby on the evening of October 17th.

During the launch in Port Moresby, Prime Minister James Marape said every Papua New Guinean is a landowner.

“We all own land which is a valuable and central asset to our societies,” he said.

“Land reform is a vehicle for ordinary Papua New Guineans to constructively engage in the opportunities that will be provided through successful implementation of this reform.

Minista i lukluk long pasin bilong stilim graun

Em i tok pasin bilong stilim nating graun em i kamap bikpela long Lae na nau Minista i laik lukluk long en.

“Mipela bai lukluk long Lae long sekim ol stilman bilong graun. Bai mipela sekim ol fail bilong ol, mipela bai lukluk long olgeta pak o ples bilong stap malolo na ol narapela hap bilong gavman long Lae. Em bai namba wan wok mi bai wokim long kisim bek ol samting bilong gavman long wei bilong lo,” Rosso i mekim dispela toktok long taim em i kisim opis long Tunde dispela wik.

Minister takes tough stance against land grabbing

“All the illegal land grabbers, we’ll be going through all their files, all the parks and everything in Lae will be our first order of business, (which) is take them back and they will be done properly in the legal way,” said Rosso during the handover- takeover of the Lands Ministry on Tuesday.

Minister Rosso says he will be working close with Minster for Housing and Urbanization, Justin Tkatchenko, to give titles to locals living in National Housing Corporation properties.

Markham collision: Lae MP sends sympathies

The MP says while road conditions are often responsible for road accidents, it is avoidable if drivers are careful.

He says it’s about drivers driving safely, carefully and within the speed limits.

With sketchy facts, the MP did not want to comment further.

The road accident on Saturday caused 7 deaths and 21 injuries, with 4 people still admitted at the hospital and 1 in critical condition.

It was the result of a collision between a 15-seater PMV bus and a five door vehicle travelling up to Nadzab.

Rosso: NHC Lae acted in isolation

Meantime an internal investigation is looming for this state agency, NHC Acting Managing Director, Kenneth Cooke is traveling to Lae to address it.

On Tuesday, Minister responsible, John Kaupa maintained that the issue of eviction notices on tenants in Lae did not come from his ministerial office, nor headquarters.

The Minister said he has always spoken on humanitarian grounds; that every citizen has a right to decent housing.

He said what transpired in Lae, was unacceptable.

Panamex, CIS start school fights awareness

The program started on the first week of August and will end in September 2017.

It began at Bumayong Secondary School and Malahang Technical High School.

In a statement, the firm said: “We hope to cover other secondary schools (Busu, Lae Sec, Bugandi and Markham Valley) next week onwards.

“Prisoners have given testimonies on what the negative impact of crime and other bad habits will have on their lives.

Lae Police bring in drones to help fight crime

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr in a press conference made the announcement yesterday saying it will ease some problems faced by police in carrying out investigations.

The drones are first to be introduced to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, is set to help subdue criminal activities in the light of recent arm robberies occurring in the second biggest city in the country.