Minista i lukluk long pasin bilong stilim graun

Em i tok pasin bilong stilim nating graun em i kamap bikpela long Lae na nau Minista i laik lukluk long en.

“Mipela bai lukluk long Lae long sekim ol stilman bilong graun. Bai mipela sekim ol fail bilong ol, mipela bai lukluk long olgeta pak o ples bilong stap malolo na ol narapela hap bilong gavman long Lae. Em bai namba wan wok mi bai wokim long kisim bek ol samting bilong gavman long wei bilong lo,” Rosso i mekim dispela toktok long taim em i kisim opis long Tunde dispela wik.

Mobile squad foils armed holdup

At about 1.30pm on Friday, the unit, whilst on routine patrol, came across three men acting suspiciously.

When the Mobile Squad unit stopped to check on them, all three made a dash for it. The MS13 members pursued on foot and apprehended one of them.

The suspect, from Eastern Highlands, had in his possession a homemade gun, two live bullets and a hood. Upon questioning, he revealed that he and the other two were planning to carry out an armed hold up on vehicles travelling the highway.

Rowdy drunks instigate fighting, market closes

A fight started on Wednesday afternoon but was stopped by Police.

However, it started up again yesterday morning and broke out onto the Highway, making the road unsafe for the travelling public.

“The fight started from men and women who turned rowdy after consuming homebrew,” reported police.

“The fighting is between people from Simbu and Southern Highlands.

“Three-Mile Police Station Commander, Senior Constable Sam Topurua, supported by Special Response Unit 102 and Rural Response Unit under the PPC Morobe, have told the people there will be no mediation.

Fighting will not solve anything: Wagambie Jnr

This was the message from the Lae metropolitan superintendent to the residents of Busurum compound.

Confrontations at the Busurum Compound claimed the lives of two young East Sepik men on separate occasions.

A youth was killed last week following disagreements over ownership of a small crocodile.

Lae police report that when the two involved parties met on Sunday at Busurum compound to sort out repatriation and funeral expenses, another fight broke out, which resulted in the death of the second youth.

Suspect caught attempting to hijack vehicles

At about 8.30am, a member of public called the Police Toll Free number, reporting an individual who was armed and attempting to hijack vehicles.

The Police Operations room got a description of the armed offender with his exact location, then sent the message by police radio.

It was reported that the suspect was located somewhere past the second seven dump, towards Bumayong.

Special Response Unit 104, who cover this area, were close by and promptly responded.

The suspect, in the process of capture, was wounded in the foot and apprehended.


DPM on three-day Lae visit

The DPM and Governor were joined by the Members for Lae Open, John Rosso, and Finschhafen Open, Rainbow Paita, as they spent the day visiting a number of significant private sector investments.

Opening the latest K20 million upgrade to the Coca-Cola plant, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “It is encouraging to see our policy changes, including tariff adjustments, have given the private sector confidence to be making substantial investments like this.”

Laying complaints against police officers

Police in Lae made this known after they realised that though numerous allegations were made against members of the force, formal complaints were not filed.

“A post on social media is good but you must follow it up with factual evidence by way of registering your complaint in person, being interviewed by Internal Investigation Unit members and providing a signed statement,” said Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“Only through this can your complaint be acted on.”

Assault by Chinese couple grabs Authority’s attention

35-year-old Shu Ding Wu and her husband, 36-year-old Ming Zheng, were both found guilty yesterday by the Lae District court, following an assault on Christmas Eve on a Lae-based journalist.

While many families were preparing for Christmas day with last minute shopping, three young children, including an 18-month-old, witnessed the insult and assault of their mother caught by a Chinese couple in Lae, simply for telling them to put out their cigarette in their retail shop, which was in the vicinity of the Kamkumung Mobil Service Station.

Hostage saved in foiled robbery

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, reported that between four to five men held up a driver and took his vehicle.

“The owner of the vehicle was threatened and forcefully escorted to a secluded area at the back of Peter Block Kamkumung,” stated the chief superintendent.

“The criminals were planning to hold the vehicle owner as hostage while they use his vehicle to commit robbery at a nearby shop.”

Lae police prepare for festive period

Anthony Wagambie Jnr says they have already started the pre-festive season operations.

The Lae police boss has given residents the assurance that his team will be out in full force during the Christmas and New Year period.  

“They should expect to see police all over the place, we’ll have them positioned in all parts of the city,” he said.

“And I encourage the public to make use of our toll free number – 7090 3300 – to call police if they see anything happening, or anything about to happen, or if they feel unsafe.