St John Ambulance

Harsh health challenges tackled by ambulance

She had complained of similar pains two days prior and the family rushed her from Vanapa Brown to Port Moresby General Hospital but only to find out it was false labour.

Vanapa Brown is an LLG in the Kairuku-Hiri District of Central Province. Due to the road condition, it takes a little over an hour to get to Port Moresby.

The family thought it was false labour again that Sunday, but it wasn’t. As the contractions became frequent and the pain unbearable for the first-time mum, the family felt helpless.

Over 1,000 students trained in first aid

And there is growing interest in schools to not only save lives but also push the important message that prevention is better than cure.

Students from the Jubilee Catholic Secondary School are the latest to graduate from the first aid in schools program.

A total of 358 Grade Nine students recently received certificates.

St John Ambulance head of Commercial training, Alicia Gegera, thanked the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for the funding made available in rolling out such programs in schools.

More options for patients in emergency

Paradise Private Hospital Chief Executive officer, Dr Robin Sios, said: “We take the care of our patients seriously which is why we have faith in the quality and reliability of St John to respond to our patients and deliver them to the safety of our private hospital.

“We know that when a patient is seriously injured or in cardiac arrest, they will often need more than one ambulance to assist them. For example, CPR needs at least four ambulance officers to perform effectively in an urban environment. If CPR is delayed the patient won’t make the journey to hospital alive. 

Security escort for ambulance following attack

In the last three months, St John Ambulance has responded to over 670 emergencies within the Moresby North West electorate. Over 500 of these incidents have occurred in Morata.

Despite the work it does in responding to emergencies in communities, one of its crew was attacked on Tuesday morning, May 7th, at Morata Two, where officers were robbed, assaulted and later dragged out of the bus by a group of heavily intoxicated men.

St John suspends Morata services following attack

The ambulance service reported that at around 4am today, a St John ambulance bus was held-up at gun point in Morata.

“Significant damage was inflicted upon our staff and vehicle, including indiscriminate theft of property,” St John said in a statement.

Commissioner Matthew Cannon said: “I am disgusted by this indiscriminate attack on my colleagues.

“Our ambulance men and women put their own lives at risk to help others every hour of the day; they choose to do this well aware of the ever-present and worsening dangers in this city.

Over 200 incidents in less than 2 weeks

Between 17 December and 29 December, 2018, St John Ambulance crews have attended to over 288 incidents in Port Moresby and Central Province; 177 were regarded as serious emergencies.

Commissioner Matthew Cannon, Chief Executive Officer of St John Ambulance, said their specialist team of paramedics and doctors have also assisted with five air medical evacuations missions.

NZ refits St John Ambulance operation centre

The centre is a first-of-its-kind and operates the computer aid system that tracks ambulances and can give an indication of response time – a feature the old centre did not have.

St John’s Ambulance in a statement said the centre will have legacy-value post APEC, providing an essential service to the people of PNG.

The new St John Command and Ambulance Operation Centre will be officially opened today by New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy PM, Winston Peters, Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase and St John Commissioner Matthew Cannon.

65 Aust, NZ paramedics in PNG

The largest contingent of the Joint Ambulances medical support team arrived in Port Moresby on Saturday, November 10th, and are residing at the Mahuru Seaview Hotel.

The guests were welcomed by local traditional dancers organised by the Hotel.

St John Ambulance PNG Chief Paramedic Officer, Phil Proust, said: “All these paramedics have come here voluntarily, no paramedic has been paid, they’ve taken their own holidays, their leaves, they’ve left their families and because they want to help Papua New Guinea.

Baby born near drain

The baby was delivered next to a drain this morning by its unsuspecting mother.

Residents near the flash flood drain at Gordons rushed to assist the mother and her newborn child before the ambulance arrived.

According to residents living here, the first time mother was walking along the track next to this drain when she suddenly sat down on the grass and called out to them for help.

Another woman who was walking along the same track, rushed to her aid and helped the first-time mum, deliver a healthy baby boy.

Parkop responds to St John attack

He understands that the number of police personals requested for the Fun Run was inadequate due to availability and suggested private security firms to be involved in the future.

The Governor further suggested for organizers in such big events to do more awareness in the community so they can understand better the purpose of the event so they respect it.