15yo dies in Christmas Eve collision

According to police reports, the Grade Six student of St Paul's Lutheran Primary School was in a Suzuki station wagon, driving towards the airport after doing their marketing at Nadzab market.

While on their way there, they met a Toyota Land Cruiser that was travelling into town, allegedly at high speed.

New judicial infrastructure to serve Momase region

A National Court of Appeal and five National Court Houses will be built opposite the Angau Memorial Hospital. These infrastructure will serve the Momase region.

Lae residential Judge Justice Don Sawong revealed this during the week.

"The new national judicial services will serve the Momase region. The old one will be used by the magisterial services," he said.

These new infrastructure will cost around K100 million.

He said these will be on the portion of land that has been allocated to the Law and Justice Department.

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Notorious suburb needs a permanent police station: Kaiwa
The notorious suburb of West Taraka in Lae needs a permanent police station.


Yu Em Khax talent show heads for Mt Hagen

The newest show to be produced out of Digicel Play’s production studio in Gordon, Yu Em Khax is a new reality television show creating exciting opportunities for the most talented and unique entertainers in the country.

Yu Em Khax premiered on TVWAN Life on Saturday 5 November and has been met with great enthusiasm from Digicel Play subscribers ever since. With the build-up of great performances from the Lae auditions, the hype has been set for the other locations to live up to. Lae has set the pace, and Hagen will be the next to bring their A game.

Brian Bell opens in Lae

Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru was the official guest who cut the ribbon with three other senior employees, witnessed by the business communities and stakeholders.

"I congratulate Brian Bell for the business confidence it has in Lae with the mammoth store. Lae is the business hub and that is the reason why Brian Bell rose from the ashes," Naru said.

Three senior employees were invited to cut the ribbon with the Governor.

Ume Ahi, Julie Usatwen and Sheila Gori served more than 20 years each with Brian Bell.

RMH Khax catch eye of Yu Em Khax judges

Ragath Solomon, Meshach Dobunaba and Heno Giwi were never a band until yesterday.

“We decided to drop by and make fun of those who were here to audition,” says Solomon.

But they had a change of mind after a brief chat with one of the staff of Yu Em Khax, Sarah Palek.

“So Sarah talked us into trying out for the audition and we just formed a group then. We were never a group prior to this,” Giwi explained.

ESP man killed in Lae

The group of youths allegedly under the influence of home brew had set upon the deceased who was allegedly involved in an earlier fight with one of the suspects who set upon him that morning.

 Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the group had mobilised after drinking and attacked the deceased as he was beaten and stabbed a couple of times.

Wagambie said the deceased had managed to run away but collapsed along the new freeway foot path.

Lae WNB community to mark provincial day

President of the West New Britain Students Association at the National Polytechnical Institute Ricky Ben told Loop PNG this morning that the event will be stage at the Sir Ignatius stadium.

He said so far WNB elites in Lae city have been looking forward to the day.

Ben said WNB students from various institutions in Lae will be doing a major fundraising drive towards hosting the day.

PNG National Party prepares for 2017 elections

While Parliamentary Party leader and Member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua, anticipates bringing more members into parliament come next elections, the party now is focusing on connecting the business community to fulfilling the private public partnership arrangement.

The Party currently has two members in Parliament.

On Friday it hosted a meet and greet cocktail party at the Lae International Hotel to connect the Lae business community to realising its partnership.

Police to ensure safe celebrations in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said all manpower will be used at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium as arranged during the celebrations on Friday.

He said Police will ensure that the area is free from drunkards who would most likely spoil the event.  We want to ensure that individuals and families can attend this freely without being intimidated and harassed by hooligans.

“Police will be taking zero tolerance on drunks, be trouble makers, “he added.