Closer ICT cooperation

The Minister for Information and Communication Technology was informed that the Chinese Government and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are committed to a “closer ICT cooperation” with PNG.

This comes after Minister Masiu travelled to China’s Shenzhen City, recently, for a two-day seminar jointly hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology and the ITU on ‘Building a Digital Future for All,’ and the 2023 BRICS Forum on ‘Future Networks Innovation.’

“Apart from the resounding support I got from the participants on a stronger Pacific voice in international ICT organizations like the ITU and the UN, I was able to secure more ICT projects for the country,” said the minister.

Apart from the other commitments made for cooperation between China, ITU and PNG, China announced 10 Chinese study scholarships for PNG students to take up and five ‘connect the schools’ projects for PNG.

Loop Author