UPNG protest 2021

Governor Calls For Respect

He said what the country witnessed earlier this week shows weak character and a lack of appreciation for what constitutes acceptable human behaviour in our country.

“You are a good man when you stand up for those who are weaker than you. You are not a good man because you demand it,” he stated.

“You have clearly demonstrated by your own behaviour that you need a serious adjustment to your mental attitude. Your ability to articulate arguments also needs improvement because there is nothing intelligent about it.”

UPNG council addresses security issues

The appointment comes following two protests organised by the UPNG students earlier this week, demanding the administration to address lawlessness on campus.

Former Chief of Defence, Commodore Peter Ilau, is the strategic advisor to the Council for Security, former police commissioner, Geoffrey Vaki, as interim chief security and risk officer, and Aiva Koisen as the legal advisor and investigator into all incidents committed against the students and staff of the university.