World Humanitarian Day

With this year’s theme “It Takes A Village”, the United Nations in Papua New Guinea draws its attention to the humanitarian assistance activities in PNG and the significance of national and international cooperation, honouring all Papua New Guinean and foreign aid workers, who have tirelessly worked to address critical humanitarian needs following disasters and crisis.

This especially goes out to those who have given their lives in the course of their duty, because every hour of every day humanitarian work continues and it saves lives but it is indispensable.


Combatting COVID misinformation

In a statement, UN Papua New Guinea said right now, people all over the world are united by a common choice – whether they will take the COVID-19 vaccine when it is offered to them.

They are making this decision based on the information available to them – What they hear or read in the media, and the experiences of those around them.

The latter can be the most influential of all.

According to the UN, it is critical in the making of an informed decision for the health and wellbeing of communities; that people in PNG rely on accurate information on the vaccine.