Tuition fee free (TFF) education grants

Karamui-Nomane DDA continues subsidy for students

MP Mogerema Sigo Wei said K1.8 million has been allocated by the Karamui-Nomane District Development Authority for this purpose in 2017. This will cover a total of 1400 students studying in various institutions both in PNG and abroad. 

Sigo Wei said since 2013, Karamui-Nomane DDA had so far spent K5 million for more than 3000 students.

He said assistance for students in other universities and learning institutions would be made in the coming weeks.

The institutions are both private and government owned.

No TFF money for Imbonggu elementary school

 The situation has forced teacher in charge (TIC) of Aipunda elementary school, Stanley Umba to spend his own little family pocket money to buy materials for an in-completed double classroom building.

On Tuesday, Sept 6, 2016, Imbonggu district elementary school coordinator, Mary Alkend, who was on a routine inspection learnt of the dire financial situation the school had to put up with.

Just before Alkend arrived at the school, Umba had bargained and bought four pieces of timber for K40 from K48 selling price to continue work on the building.