Karamui-Nomane DDA continues subsidy for students

Students from Karamui-Nomane district in Chimbu Province, studying in tertiary institutions in PNG and abroad, will continue to benefit from the district’s education subsidy scheme this year.

MP Mogerema Sigo Wei said K1.8 million has been allocated by the Karamui-Nomane District Development Authority for this purpose in 2017. This will cover a total of 1400 students studying in various institutions both in PNG and abroad. 

Sigo Wei said since 2013, Karamui-Nomane DDA had so far spent K5 million for more than 3000 students.

He said assistance for students in other universities and learning institutions would be made in the coming weeks.

The institutions are both private and government owned.

“We’re grateful of the Government’s TFF (tuition fee free) education policy that is paving the way forward for Karamui-Nomane district,” Sigo Wei said.

“In line with this, we’ve allocated the money because with TFF education policy, many students are leaving the system with limited opportunities for future challenges in life so further education provides for that strong foundation and gives them the opportunity to make a good living after they graduate.

“Karamui-Nomane is making substantial investments in education and human resource development because we do not have mineral and hydrocarbon deposits or big coffee and tea plantations.”

Karamui Nomane Chief Executive Officer, Limbia Tiagoba Tiagoba, said most of the DSIP funds were spent on subsidising school fees for students because developing human would bring development into the district.

Tiagoba said six students are studying overseas, three students undergoing pilot training, two in business administrations and one in the medical profession. 

“We have more than 50,000 population and we are not connected to road, but Salt and Nomae LLGs are connected by road. We spend K300 one way on plane but we manage to deliver vital government services that can improve people’s lives,” he said. 

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