Sustainable Fishing

Traditional Fish Aggregating Device for sustainable fishing

The use of FADs by the community is to create sustainable fishing opportunities given the increased pressure on coral reefs recently.

The community of Vunabuk ward in the Watom Is. LLG successfully launched and deployed their Fish Aggregating Device yesterday afternoon within their identified fishing ground.

When explaining to the Vunabuk communities on properly setting up the FAD and its deployment at sea, District Fisheries Officer, Eliaser Mutumut said that the FAD will attract different species of fish.

Developing Sustainable Fishery Value

In the low altitude communities in the region, fish consumption is the most important source of protein, comprising around 40% of all food from animal sources. In the middle and higher altitude villages, where fishing is limited to creeks and small rivers, consumption of animal proteins is more reliant on purchased sources such as preserved fish and canned products.

Despite these facts, the average fish consumption is still below the recommended levels for good nutrition, particularly in view of the nutritional value of fish.