Supreme Court application

Kramer files Supreme Court application

Kramer believes that a 2015 Supreme Court ruling by a 5-man bench not to decrease the 18 month grace period was unconstitutional.

He wants the 18 month grace period to be reduced to 12 months.

“I’ve reviewed that judgement in detail, now in my capacity as a legislator I’m of the view that the 18 month grace period is unconstitutional and know that for a fact.

Alternate Manus facilities comprise food, water: Lawyer

Bradshaw represents the PNG Immigration Minister, Petrus Thomas, in an application that was filed by Kurdish-Iranian journalist, Behrouz Boochani, which went before the Supreme Court today.

He submitted before the court that all services, comprising food, water, electricity, full medical cover and attractive allowance, were available at the other facilities.

“Refugees are offered one-off relocation allowance of K250 when they move from Lombrum to the East Lorengau Transit centre.

Gore withdraws stay application

 Manase lawyers withdrew the application on Wednesday.

The stay application on the tribunal comes after an unsuccessful attempt to seek leave for a judicial review that was dismissed on May 18 by Justice Les Gavara Nanu in a National Court decision.

The leadership tribunal against the minister however commenced on June 12 where the statement of reasons and reference outlining the allegations were handed to the tribunal and minister.