Kramer files Supreme Court application

Member for Madang and Opposition strong man Bryan Kramer has formally filed a Supreme Court application challenging the 18-month grace period ruling.

Kramer believes that a 2015 Supreme Court ruling by a 5-man bench not to decrease the 18 month grace period was unconstitutional.

He wants the 18 month grace period to be reduced to 12 months.

“I’ve reviewed that judgement in detail, now in my capacity as a legislator I’m of the view that the 18 month grace period is unconstitutional and know that for a fact.

“Because when the Supreme Court made the ruling that it was unconstitutional, in principal it said that it was unconstitutional for any law that would restrict the rights of a member to hold the government of the day accountable.

“And that was the underlying decision of the courts.

“So in relation to the 18 months, it did not make a ruling on the basis that that amendment was made in 1991 and the party should have challenged that soon after, because some 10 years had passed. And it should have been the Chief Justice who made a ruling, and it should have been within a 6-year period.

“I’m of the view that the ruling itself is inconsistent with the constitution, as it applies a time bar against any challenges against the constitution,” stressed Kramer.

Kramer is currently waiting for the Supreme Court to confirm a date to consider the application. 

Meredith Kuusa