Steven Davies

Govt seeks SC interpretation on VONC

Twivey Lawyers, acting for the Attorney General, Steven Davis, filed the Special Reference on December 3, 2018.

The special reference seeks the Court’s interpretation whether the nominated Prime Minister must be from a party with most numbers and whether the vote of no confidence is justiciable with the process and procedures of Parliament and its committees.

This came about from a Supreme Court reference of November 2015 by then Opposition leader Don Polye and the Supreme Court ruling of July 2016.

Esa’ala Member-elect grateful

Speaking in Port Moresby, Davis said he was also humbled to be mandated again by his people.

He said although the elections were affected by weather as well as other administrative issues, his people turned out in numbers to vote.

Davis is one of 10 People’s National Congress (PNC) Party members to be re-elected to Parliament.

He is the outgoing Minister for Civil Aviation. His tenure ends at the return of writs on July 24th.

Davies extends gratitude

Speaking at the Civil Aviation Sector Leaders Conference today, Minister Davies made a personal appreciation for the support and leadership in the five years he was Minister for Civil Aviation.