NAC to refurbish Vanimo FOB

NAC did not have enough land to build the new terminal building for Vanimo Airport, hence the trade – off agreement was negotiated two weeks ago which resulted in the PNGDF transferring a 10, 000 square metre portion of its land to NAC.

This is in exchange for the refurbishment of PNGDF’s existing offices, accommodation, mess, ablution facilities and sewer systems at a cost of K3 million.


NAC Queries ICAC Investigations

He said the NAC is unaware of any investigation conducted by ICAC and no formal notification was given to attend premises to conduct their investigation.

Mr Kiponge is calling on ICAC interim chairman, Thomas Eluh to clarify the terms and conditions used to investigate the incident involving two security firms at the Jacksons Domestic terminal on March 22, 2021.

He claimed that Mr Eluh and the ICAC team has not visited NAC and was surprised on the reports ICAC had released.


NAC, Morobe Govt Keen On Partnership

This will help in supporting the Government’s aspirations to open market access and encourage economic participation by rural Papua New Guineans.

NAC met with the MPG in May and proposed a concept called ‘Economic Recovery Pathway through Agriculture and Fisheries Aviation’.

Governor Ginson Saonu told NAC that the concept would be a game changer for economic recovery and growth not just for Morobe but also for PNG.

This he said is because it will open up market access and put money in the pockets of rural farmers and fishermen.

Work progresses on Wapenamanda Airport

The NAC issued a statement to say the upgrade on the runway is substantially complete.

The Wapenamanda Airport upgrade is part of the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program, co-financed by the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Asian Development Bank.

Works on the runway include strengthening of the taxiway and apron pavements to accommodate Regular Public Transport (RPT) operations by ATR72-600 and Dash 8 aircraft, or similar, new staff residence and new airport safety officer’s office.

Kavieng Airport upgrade

Minister Agisa said the team from the National Airport Corporation (NAC) visited the province recently to inspect the 1.4km airport extension upgrade and redevelopment valued at K91.85 million. This is set to be completed by July 2022.

Other issues that were discussed during the visit was the outstanding K15 million owed to the Kavieng Airport landowners, of which a K3 million cheque was paid to landowners during the ground breaking ceremony on July 6th, 2020.

NAC business as usual

This follows a stand-off over the role of MD and CEO for NAC between Kiponge and the former MD and CEO, Ephraim Wasem.

The National Court has now issued interim stay orders for the status quo to remain until the matter is resolved by the court.

On March 3rd and 4th the NAC head office was the scene of a stand-off over the position of MD and CEO.

Rex Kiponge, who was appointed on February 25th by the Board of the National Airports Corporation (NAC) was refused entry by heavy police presence, allegedly organised by Kiponge’s predecessor, Ephraim Wasem.

K55m to redevelop Tari airport

The redevelopment of the airport will cost K55 million under the Asian Development Bank funded Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP).

Hela Governor, Philip Undialu, said the signing of the agreement is well over due.

He thanked the National Government, NAC, and ADB for considering Hela this time for the redevelopment.

The K55m will be used to do fencing, terminal, and runway sealing. 

“For the long term, we are also planning on doing the same for the Komo airport,” says Undialu.

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Konga is new ENB governor!

East New Britain Province has a new governor in Nakikus Konga.


Maru will be declared: RO

The people of Yangoru-Saussia in East Sepik have returned Richard Maru to Parliament for his second term.


Davies extends gratitude

Speaking at the Civil Aviation Sector Leaders Conference today, Minister Davies made a personal appreciation for the support and leadership in the five years he was Minister for Civil Aviation.

Jacquinot Bay airport redevelopment MOU signed

Member for Pomio, Elias Kapavore, said this today when signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the East New Britain Provincial Government, and the National Airports Corporation. The historical Jacquinot Bay Airport, a World War II relic, has seen very little development over the years.

However, with increasing travel to and from the area, urgent attention was required.

“We are beginning to see an increase in the number of people travelling in and out of Pomio.”