Solo Wane


Wane was ruled out of the Hostplus Cup 2022 season after picking up a foot injury against the Townsville Black Hawks. After almost 3 months of grueling preseason training the speed demon is itching to put his best foot forward and make a statement this season.

In his fourth season running, the Southern Highlander is ready to take his game to the next level given there’s a lot of competition from the new boys this year.

While focusing on his own game Wane is also going out of his way to share his experience and help mentor the young boys who have come on board this year.

Wane set for comeback

Wane was ruled out of the 2022 season after picking up a foot injury in the match against Townsville Blackhawks.

Hunters speed machine Solo Wane is back up and running after going through rehab and recovery process after last year’s season ending foot injury.

Wane made his debut for the Hunters 2021 after his impressive run with local club Hela Wigmen taking out the 2020 Digicel Cup grand title against the Tigers.

In his two tenure with Hunters so far Solo Wane had scored some great tries but none more spectacular than his long range try