People are sharing a link solely designed to crash your iPhone

A link has started doing the rounds with the sole purpose of crashing your desktop browser or forcing your phone to reset. Cheers, guys, really helpful...

Pointing to a website solely designed to ruin your day, the link to has taken on Rickroll levels of sharing irritation - so if you see it in your inbox steer clear.

It works by filling your browser's address bar with thousands of characters, filling up your phone's memory and causing the device to grind to a halt and then crash.

Smartphone Can Be Your Fitness Tracker

A new system called BioPhone, developed by researchers at MIT, can take your heart rate, breathing and other physiological measurements while it sits in your bag or pocket - without even touching your body, MIT Technology Review reported.

The LG V10: A photographer's dream or too much of a good thing?

Back in April, LG introduced an upgrade to its flagship phone line, the LG G4. One of the aspects that LG pushed in order to distinguish its phone from the other high-end devices now crowding the market was the ability to take top-notch photos.

LG's G5 might pack a killer Sony camera

Reports suggest that the Android handset is upping its camera game with the inclusion of a Sony-made 20-megapixel sensor on the rear.

It also promises to be a powerful beast, with a Snapdragon 820 processor running the show, according to Mihai Matei of G for Games.

File this one under rumour for now, but Matei's sources have proven accurate in the past, bringing us solid information about Apple's hardware plans.

Previous reports suggest that the LG G5 will embrace recent developments in biometric security with the inclusion of iris-scanning technology.