Premium Seedlings

Locals encouraged to plant valuable trees

Public relations officer, Gesley Rivan, outlined the benefits during the distribution of teak tree seedlings yesterday.

Teak is one of the most highly valued timber in the world due to its durability, resistance and texture.

Premium timber trees like teak and eaglewood can generate good revenue from sales, apart from its domestic use, such as timber for family homes.

“Apart from teak, we are also promoting eaglewood and balsa under the forestry sector, as a means of strengthening the economy of individual farmers and the province as a whole,” Rivan stated.

Laup Ward gets premium seedlings

The distribution of the tree seedlings was from two suppliers; teak tree stumps from OISCA International Rabaul and Eaglewood seedlings from the Sinivit LLG.

Speaking at the ward’s government meeting on Tuesday, July 25th, the LLG Rural Development Officer, Lynette Samuel, said each of the 18 wards in the LLG will be supplied 300 Eaglewood seedlings, and names would be registered so that they will undergo training after the distribution.