Suspended cops to be charged

The Bomana police commandant, Peter Philip, says that among the charges to be laid on the now suspended personnel, are disgraceful conduct, unethical behavior and disobeying lawful instructions.

He anticipates more charges to be laid on them following a consultation of the police act and the laws that are in place.

The pass-outs are recent graduates of the previous police batch and are on site as part of the APEC security training.

Cops suspended over initiation practices

The drunk pass-outs who are from the previous batch of recruits, reportedly harassed some of the new recruits, forcing them to strip naked and do knuckle pushups in the pouring rain.

College Commandant, Peter Philip, says that the incident came to light, after a family of one of the new recruits, were reportedly sworn at by some of the drunk pass-outs, while they were leaving the college after dropping off their son in the afternoon.