Our Development Party

Ijivitari MP resigns from PNC

One day after the formation of the new government, another member of the People’s National Congress Party has resigned and will be joining the Our Development Party with party leader Sir Puka Temu.

Yesterday Alotau MP and interim Treasurer Charles Abel announced he is leaving PNC to join Our Development Party.

Soon after Abel’s announcement, Ijivitari MP Richard Masere also made his intentions known.

ODP aims to repeal Dual Citizenship Act

National Secretary, Habia Babe, revealed this during the second of a series of forums held by the National Research Institutes (NRI) for the discussion of  political parties and their policies for this years’ election.

Babe said the dual citizenship act would be repealed as one of its agendas under its safety and security policy.

However, he did not specify the security reasons but rather who it benefitted that warranted its repealing.

“Our issue is that dual citizenship does not benefit the indigenous people of this country. It is for the privileged few.

Political party focuses on human development

Our Development Party (ODP) was first registered during the 2012 National Elections and endorsed 40 candidates around the country.

Party leader Sir Puka Temu was the only candidate to win the election in 2012.

Party general secretary Habia Babe says with the slogan ‘Our people deserve better’, ODP’s vision is for people to be educated, healthy, wealthy and wise.

Babe highlighted that people in PNG deserve better in terms of services and development for both infrastructure and human development.