2012 National Elections

Pangu Party to promote policy at forum

NRI director Dr Charles Yala said the forum is organised to encourage political parties to develop constructive policies and give awareness to the voting population.    

“Our interest is to make an input into the policy debate during the national elections.

“PNG NRI’s contribution to election 2017 is to provide a forum for political parties to market their policies in a non-threatening and friendly environment,” Dr Yala said. 

The political parties forum will be run twice a week throughout the month of March.

Political party focuses on human development

Our Development Party (ODP) was first registered during the 2012 National Elections and endorsed 40 candidates around the country.

Party leader Sir Puka Temu was the only candidate to win the election in 2012.

Party general secretary Habia Babe says with the slogan ‘Our people deserve better’, ODP’s vision is for people to be educated, healthy, wealthy and wise.

Babe highlighted that people in PNG deserve better in terms of services and development for both infrastructure and human development.