Office of the Governor General

Honours, awards investiture ceremony set for August

Acting Official Secretary, Bill Toraso, has confirmed that the ceremony will take place on Thursday 30th August at Government House, Port Moresby.

Eighty-six individuals in both the public and private sectors have been recognized in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list.

Among them are:

GG’s office jeopardized by single individual: Minister

This was the comment made by Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko following the publishing of the ‘Land Board Appeal Decisions’ on page 49 of the Post-Courier on Thursday.

Minister Tkatchenko labeled the published document, which was endorsed by the acting official secretary to the Governor General, Bill Toraso, as illegal and misleading.

“These land appeals are still in question and they are still not rectified yet,” he said.

“And for the official acting secretary of the Governor General to publish these land appeals is totally illegal.

Governor General in a critical medical condition

In a statement from the Government House Sir Michael was taken to Pacific International Hospital (PIH) on Wednesday and underwent regular medical checks, however, his condition deteriorated and he was admitted at the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

He was administered blood transfusion to stabilize his condition.

Sir Michael had undergone a coronary heart bypass surgery in Singapore in November last year. He has developed serious complications that warrant urgent medical treatment that is not available in the country.