Bill Toraso

GG presented with gifts

Acting Official Secretary Bill Toraso presented the Governor-General with a bilum and a sand painting from Concordia Early Childhood Learning Centre which he received on behalf of the Governor General in Wabag last Friday.

The early childhood learning center was constructed by Mapai Foundation at a cost of K12 million.

The school is affiliated with Concordia universities and schools in the United States of America.

GG’s office jeopardized by single individual: Minister

This was the comment made by Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko following the publishing of the ‘Land Board Appeal Decisions’ on page 49 of the Post-Courier on Thursday.

Minister Tkatchenko labeled the published document, which was endorsed by the acting official secretary to the Governor General, Bill Toraso, as illegal and misleading.

“These land appeals are still in question and they are still not rectified yet,” he said.

“And for the official acting secretary of the Governor General to publish these land appeals is totally illegal.