Governor General in a critical medical condition

Governor General Sir Michael Ogio, is now being treated in Australia after been medivaced from Port Moresby early morning.

In a statement from the Government House Sir Michael was taken to Pacific International Hospital (PIH) on Wednesday and underwent regular medical checks, however, his condition deteriorated and he was admitted at the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

He was administered blood transfusion to stabilize his condition.

Sir Michael had undergone a coronary heart bypass surgery in Singapore in November last year. He has developed serious complications that warrant urgent medical treatment that is not available in the country.

By midnight last night, the Governor General’s condition had stabilized and was medevac to Brisbane, Australia this morning.

The Office of the Governor General acknowledges and appreciates the timely intervention of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to enable the Governor General to travel to Australia for emergency treatment.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill extended warm wishes to the Governor General Sir Michael and his family.

“The Governor General’s condition is currently listed as critical.

 “I ask that our people pray for the Grand Chief, Sir Michael Ogio, and his family at this concerning time.

“Our Governor General is truly an outstanding leader in our nation, and we pray for positive news from his family,” O’Neill said.

Caption: File picture of Sir Michael Ogio

Charles Yapumi